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“looks and sounds like no other documentary in memory… 
filmmaking at its most visceral and immersive… 
likely to be one of the most talked-about art films of the year.”
– dennis lim, the new york times

"the best horror film of the year. majestically complex."
— chris chang, film comment

“a watery knockout. leviathan explodes the antiquated paradigm of the documentary or ethnographic film.”
– melissa anderson, village voice

“visceral and intense. captures a world in a way no one has before.”
– steve dollar, wall street journal

“a nonfiction game-changer. a staggering thrill-ride of an experience.”
– robert greene, filmmaker magazine

“a gorgeous, atmospheric documentary.”
– david fear, time out ny

“visually ravishing. leviathan is in every way sensational.”
– j. hoberman, artinfo

“mindblowing. some of the most astonishing footage ever captured.”
– mike d’angelo, la weekly

“you ain't never seen a documentary like this.”
– erica abeel, huffington post

"a roiling documentary of aleatory expressionism. fierce splashing and shocking submersion.  
conveys the primal terror that coexists with painterly marvels."
— richard brody, new yorker